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This information center is located near JR Shin-Imamiya Station and Subway Dobutsuen-Mae Station. We have very good access to several transportation system.

If there is anything you want to know, just come visit us.

We can give you a good advice and make your travel more comfortable. 

Have fun and enjoy traveling around Japan! 

Tourist Information around this neighborhood

This area is known for it old style Japanese culture and cheap local food, especially "Kushikatsu".

And also you can try other all local foods, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, etc. 

The symbol of this town is "Tsutenkaku Tower" that loved by local people as well as a symbol of entertainment.  


  • Kushikatsu, deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers, an Osaka favorite. When you eat Kushikatsu, you must dipped it only one time into the sauce box.

  • Views from Tsutenkaku Tower at night is beautiful.


(JR Shin-Imamiya Station East Exit / JR新今宮駅東出口

 / JR 新今宮站東出口 ) ⇒ ⇒ ⇒  DAIKOKU LOCKER (大黒储物柜)

When you get out of the East Exit of JR Shin-Imamiya Station,  take the right direction, and go to the immediate big cross road.


出JR新今宮站東囗出囗後 往右走 會到一個大十字路囗

Then cross the road to the left direction and  again cross  the road to the right direction. Finally turn to the left and take a couple of step, you can find out big green sign DAIKOKU LOCKER written on it. 



到斑馬線過馬路 對面即是地下鐵動物園站3號出囗

從3號出口過正前方大馬路到4號出囗後 左轉往前走

即可看到 (大黑行李商店) DAIKOKU LOCKER 的綠色招牌


1. 出站右轉

2. 過馬路至地下鐵動物園站3號出囗

3. 過馬路至地下鐵動物園站4號出囗

4. 左轉往前走

(然後斜對角那邊就是動物園前站4號出囗 DAIKOKU(大黑)就在那裏)

(Subway Dobutsuen-Mae Station Exit 4 / 地下鉄御堂筋線 動物園前駅 4番出口 / 地铁動物園前站4号出口 ) ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ 


Heading for Exit  4


從地下鐵御堂筋線 動物園前站出囗4路線

When you get out the  Exit  4 , turn around and take a few step. You'll soon find out green color sign, written on DAIKOKU LOCKER.


動物園前站4號出囗  出站後迴轉往後面走幾步 即可看到大黑行李商店 DAIKOKU LOCKER 的綠色招牌

(Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station / 南海新今宮駅 / 南海新今宮站 ) ⇒ ⇒ ⇒  DAIKOKU  LOCKER (大黒储物柜)  

Heading for West Exit


從南海电铁 新今宮站西出囗

[West Exit  /  西出口  /  西出口]

When you get out of the Nankai Line Shin-Imamiya Station West Exit, take the left direction. And go straight about 5 min.



南海电铁新今宮站西出囗  出站後 往左走  (大约走直5分钟)

[The first cross road / 1つ目の交差点 / 一個馬路]

[The second cross road / 2つ目の交差点 / 二個馬路]

And when you come to the second cross road, go cross the street, turn right, again  go cross the street then turn left. You can find out big green sign DAIKOKU LOCKER written on it.